Game Spotlight: Minecraft Java – the best-selling video game

The secret behind one of the best-selling video game of all time

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What is Minecraft Java?

Minecraft Java Edition is one of the best-selling video games of all time. Minecraft Java runs on all plattforms, except mobile ones, here you would want to check out Minecraft Bedrock / Minecraft Pocket Edition. The Minecraft game principle is simple: The players can mine raw materials, build new things out of them and thus create their own world as they keep exploring. There is no fixed storyline or boundaries. So it’s entirely up to you what you want the game to be.

Minecraft Gameplay

In Minecraft, there are two main things you can do: build things and explore.

Building in Minecraft is one of the main features of the game. You can build anything you want – the next Eifel Tower or the biggest skyscraper the world has seen so far, it’s up to you. Before you can start though, you first have to collect the resources you need. That is why most gamers sleep in a dirthole as soon our first night in Minecraft begins. The other option is to use the pre-made structures made by other players or developers. The community around minecraft has created countless impressive worlds that invite you to explore them.

Speaking off. Exploring in Minecraft is another important aspect of playing this game. There are many different biomes in Minecraft that each have their own unique features and resources for you to use as you explore them further into their depths. If you ever get lost while exploring then use your compass which will point towards your spawn point so that way you know where home base is located at all times during gameplay sessions!

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Game modes

Minecraft offers a bunch of different game modes so that you can experience the game in the way you enjoy the most.

  • Survival Mode: Here the focus is on the survival of the player and there are lots of exiting opponents.

  • Creative Mode: Here the focus is on the artistic creation of extensive, complex structures. It’s the perfect mode for everyone who wants to build anyting they can imagine. There are no limitations for your resources.

  • Hardcore Mode: If the player dies, he can no longer respawn. The difficulty level is fixed at “Hard”.

  • Adventure Mode: Here certain game aspects of Minecraft are restricted in order to provide players with special tasks. For example, most blocks can only be broken down with the right tools.

  • Spectator Mode: This is not a permanent game mode, gaming is not possible in this mode. It is particularly suitable for creators of adventure worlds.

Going strong since 2009

Minecraft Java Edition was released in 2009, and it remains the most popular version of the game. Over 100 million copies have been sold since it first came out, providing a loyal fanbase for this classic title. If you want to play the game with mods or access to all of the features, then this version is perfect for you. You can get it today on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch consoles as well as older versions such as PS3 and Wii U systems, too!


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