How many bookshelves for level 30

If you’re an avid Minecraft player, you know how important it is to have enchantments on your tools, weapons, and armor. Enchantments add extra effects, making your weapons stronger and tools more efficient. To enchant your tools you will need an enchantment table. The higher the level of your enchantment table, the higher the quality of the enchantments will be. In this article you will learn how to get the max level enchantment table.

how many bookshelves for level 30

You need 15 bookshelves to upgrade your enchantment table to level 30.

You will need a total of 45 books and 90 wooden planks. To craft the books you will need 45 leather and 135 pieces of paper. Therfore you need 405 pieces of sugar cane to craft the paper.

Enchantment Tables and Bookshelves

Lets start at the beginning. Of course you will need to craft an enchantment table first, which is not an easy feed at all. You will need a book, two diamonds and four obsidian. You can create obsidian by redirecting the water’s course into lava and mining it with a diamond pickaxe. To find diamonds in Minecraft, you must dig down at least 15 layers with an iron pickaxe or better. Most of all you will need a lot of luck to find those diamonds in the huge caves that await you.

Bookshelves are another essential item that you need to unlock max level enchantment in Minecraft. You can place them near to your enchantment table to level it up. To craft a bookshelf, you need three books and six wooden planks. You can obtain wooden planks by chopping down any kind of tree. Creating a book, requires three papers and one piece of leather.

How many Bookshelves for Level 30

The max level for your enchantment table is 30. To reach enchantment level 30 you will need 15 bookshelves. Place the bookshelves on the edge of a 5×5 square and place the enchantment table at the center. Follow the example in the picture below.

It is especially important that there is a block of space between the enchantment table and the bookshelves. There must be nothing on this space to ensure that the upgrade through the bookshelves will work.

enchantment table level 30

Getting 15 Bookshelves

Getting all the bookshelves that you need for level 30 can be quite some hustle. In total you will need 45 books, which will require you to gather 45 leather and 135 pieces of paper. To craft the paper you will need to gather 405 pieces of sugar cane.

Luckily we have a few tricks to get all the material you need:

  • Build a cow farm to get leather efficiently
  • Find a big body of water and walk along the shore to find sugarcane
  • If you already have an enchantment table, enchant a pickaxe with silk touch. That way you can get the bookshelves that you will find in villages.


Enchantments are crucial in Minecraft, and unlocking level 30 enchantment can give you more powerful boosts to defend against forceful mob attacks. By crafting an enchantment table and bookshelves, you can unlock the most potent enchantments and become a powerful player in your Minecraft world. Remember to follow the above steps to arrange the bookshelves correctly, or you won’t be able to access level 30 enchantment. Happy crafting!

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