How to join a Minecraft Java server

You have finally created your own Minecraft Java server and now you want to play with your friends? But none of you knows how to join the server? Here comes your rescue. In this article you will learn how to join a Minecraft Java Server.

How to join a Minecraft Java server

Prerequisites for joining a Minecraft Java server

  • You have downloaded and installed Minecraft Java on your computer. You also have a Microsoft or Mojang account to log in to the game.
  • You are playing Minecraft Java on the same version as the server is hosted on. You can adjust your current version in the client.

IP address and server domain

To join a server you need its IP address or the server domain. You can find both in the detail view of your Pockethost server or in the popup shown below. You get the popup when you start your server. Since the IP address changes with every server start, it is recommended to use the server domain to save a server in your list.

Minecraft Server IP address

How to join a Minecraft Java server

  1. From the Minecraft Java start screen, select Multiplayer mode.
  2. In the server overview, you can add your desired server so that you can reach it more easily from now on. To do so, click the “Add Server” button.
  3. Enter the name you want to give to the server in your overview. What you enter here is not relevant for joining and will only affect the display in your client.
  4. Next you enter the server IP or the name of the server. Make sure you enter the exact address so you will be connected to the correct server. IP and domain name can be found in your server detail view at Pockethost.
  5. Once you have added the server you can join it by clicking it and clicking on “Join Server”.

Direct Connection

You can also connect directly to a server using the “Direct Connectcion” button. Just enter the address in the field provided. However, the server connection will not be saved and you will have to enter the address again the next time you want to connect. So if you play regularly on this server, it is easier if you add it.

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