How to upload a world to your Valheim Server

Follow these steps to upload a world to your server.

Preparing your Valheim World File

  1. Launch Valheim and access the main menu.
  2. Press “Start Game”, then click “Manage Saves” in the character selection.
  3. Enter the “World” tab at the top of the window, then select your world.
  4. If present, press the ”Move to Local” button.

Once the world icon changes and the button says “Move to Cloud”, you are ready to continue with the below steps.

Locating your Valheim World File

  1. On your computer, press the Windows Key + R to open the “run” prompt
  2. Enter the following: %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow
  3. Press Enter to open a file explorer window
  4. From here, navigate to “IronGate\Valheim\worlds_local
  5. Locate the files that start with your desired world name
  6. Using an archive program like 7-ZIP, create a .zip of these files

Locating your Valheim World File

  1. Go to the options tab of your server and click on “FILES”. You can access the files while your server is online. To configure the files you will need to pause the server
  2. Go to the world folder. You can follow this path: FILES > .CONFIG > UNITY3D > IRONGATE > VALHEIM > WORLDS_LOCAL
  3. Here you can upload the ZIP with your downloaded world files. Unzip the ZIP folder
  4. After you uploaded the world files, go back to the options tab and go to the “GAMESERVER SETTINGS”. Here you will find the option “World Name”. Type in the name of your uploaded world.
  5. Resume the server. Now you can play on your world.

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