How to use Satisfactory Server Commands

You can use commands via the in-game console or the console in your Pockethost dashboard. Commands help you to configure the server, change settings while playing and give you overall control.

Tech Commands

					Stat FPS

Shows a FPS counter on the right side of the screen

					t.maxFPS <VAL>

Sets the max FPS


Activates an overlay with different game data such as position and playtime


Player respawns

Gameplay Commands

					r.ViewDistanceScale <SCALE>

Changes the render distance scale at which objects are visible. By default, it is set to 1

					r.Atmosphere <0/1>

Activates or deactivates atmosphere

					r.Fog <0/1>

Activates or deactivates fog

					r.ScreenPercentage <VAL>

Changes the screen resolution scale. By default, it is set to 100

					FOV <VAL>

Used to change the field of view

					Gamma <VAL>

Sets the brightness level

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