Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 – Sniffer, Rascal or Tuff Golem?

Learn everything about the new Minecraft mobs 2022.

Minecraft Mob Voting

The new mobs are coming

On October 14, the big Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 will take place. The Minecraft team has developed 3 exciting concepts for new mobs and we can decide which one will be realized.

We’ve created an overview for you so you’ll know what the new mobs look like and what they can do to decide which one you like best.

How to vote?

To vote for your favorite mob go to the official Minecraft.net website. There you will find the voting options starting from October 14 at 11 AM CT. The vote is running exactly 24 hours until October 15 at 11 AM CT.
We are exited to see which mob we will encounter next on our Minecraft servers 🙂

The Sniffer

The sniffer is a primeval creature that is actually extinct, but you have a chance to bring it back. In some places underwater you can find chests containing sniffler eggs. Hatch the eggs, raise the snifflers and help them spread again in the Minecraft world.

The gentle giants have helpful horticultural skills. With their help, you can find lost ancient seeds that you can use to grow unique plants.

Minecraft Sniffer

Source: minecraft.net

The Rascal

Is it a dwarf? Is it a goblin? Is it a troll? No! It’s a rascal!

The mysterious rascal likes to hang out in dark mines where he plays hide and seek. He’s a bit strange, but also friendly and generous. If you meet the same rascal three times, he will reward you with a special gift.

Minecraft Rascal

Source: minecraft.net

The Tuff Golem

The tuff golem is a statue – that moves. And he has only one job: to hold the item you put in his hand. That’s tough! But he likes to do it so much that he starts walking around and picking up random items if you haven’t given him one yet.

You can build the tuff golem similar to a snow or iron golem. If you add a wooden block during the construction, the golem will wear a matching coat. Time to use your fashion sense!

Minecraft Tuff Golem

Source: minecraft.net

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