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A Minecraft server properties guide

What are server properties?

The file stores the settings of your Minecraft server. It determines the game mode, the difficulty and the number of players allowed on your server. The file is a text file with UTF-8 encoding and can be edited with text editors like Notepad and TextEdit. It is important to keep the exact structure of the text file. To simplify the process and avoid errors, you can customize the text file directly in your Pockethost server overview.

Go to the options tab of your server. There you will find the SERVER.PROPERTIES section, which you can expand. Here you can change the properties of your server with a few clicks. After the properties have been adjusted, the server must be restarted for the changes to be applied.

List of adjustable server properties

Property Description
World Type Determines your world type. You can choose between the Default World, Flat World, Large Biomes and Mountainous World. The property affects how your world is generated and therefore only works before the first start of the server.
Difficulty Determines the difficulty on your server. At the Peaceful level, no monsters spawn. The more difficult you want it to be, the more monsters spawn and the stronger they are.
Maximum Players Sets how many players can be active on your server at the same time.
Whitelist enabled If you activate the whitelist, only players on the whitelist can join the server. With the command "/whitelist add IN_GAME_NAME" you can add your friends to the whitelist.
Allow Cheats Determines whether each player can use commands
View Distance Determines the maximum view distance measured in number of chunks.
Hardcore Put the world in hardcore mode. Deaths are final.
PvP allowed When PvP mode is enabled, players can deal direct damage to each other.
XBox Authentication enabled Only players with a valid Minecraft account are allowed to join the server
Allow flight Players can fly
Nether enabled Allows players to travel to the Nether. If this property is disabled, Nether portals will not work
Enable command block Enables command blocks
Spawn Animals Determines if animals spawn in your world
Spawn Monsters Determines if monsters spawn in your world
Spawn NPCs Determines if NPCs spawn in your world
Spawn Protection Spawn protection prevents players from building in spawn, undoing any attempts at placing or breaking Blocks. This property determines the side length of the spawn protection area.

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