Update: Minecraft “The Wild” arrives with new content

Dive into a new adventure

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A new adventure awaits you

Adventurers, explorers and block architects – upgrade your pickaxes and sharpen your swords, because the long-awaited The Wild update has a lot of surprises in store. We’ll get new biomes, mobs and blocks as well. It will be beautiful, but at the same time scary and dangerous. So prepare yourself well and read in this article what will await you on your new adventure.

The Deep Dark

The deep dark are ancient ruins of a forgotten civilization that you can find underground. To do so, find the nearest cave and dig your way through. One of the special features of the deep dark is that it is incredibly quiet there. At least until you meet a shrieker who has never heard of whispering or talking quietly. If you’re not busy running away from them, you’ll find sculk blocks here. Even though it’s creepy down there, a trip into the deep dark is definitely worth it.

However, beware of the warden. This creepy giant is blind, but you will surely make big eyes when you see him. Try to sneak past him if you don’t want to get into a confrontation.

Minecraft The Wild Warden

Source: Mojang

Vacation in the Mangroves

After you’ve fought your way through the cold, dark and scary Deep Dark, you’ve definitely earned a little downtime in the second new biome, the Mangroves. You can spend hours admiring the gigantic trees here. Or you can cut them down and have high-quality wood for your next construction project. And to give the new living room that special touch, from now on you can also craft mud blocks from water and dirt. Everyone loves muddy hallways!


New biomes and blocks are all well and good, but the real stars of the update are the new mobs: The Allay and the Frogs.
The Allay is an incredibly cuddly ghost. Or a fairy? Or a bird? In any case, he’ll actively assist you by helping you collect items and dancing to your beats.
The big highlight is, of course, the frogs that will now hop around in the Minecraft world. Not only do they look extremely cool, but they also create froglight blocks when they attack magma cubes. Has anyone ever tested if this works in real life?

Minecraft The Wild Frog

Source: Mojang


The update is available since the seventh of June. So start planning your trip into the wilderness and enjoy your adventure. The update is available for Minecraft Bedrock on XBox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android and Windows. And if you want to experience The Wild together with your friends, then get the right Pockethost server now and start right away.

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