Netherite – Everything you need to know

Netherite is an extremely rare material that you can find in the Nether. You can use it to strengthen your diamond equipment. This will make your armor, weapons and tools much stronger and more durable. Keep reading to learn the fastest way to collect Netherite and how to create Netherite ingots.

Netherite Minecraft

To craft a netherite ingot, you will need 4 netherite scraps and 4 gold ingots. The position of the items in the crafting menu is irrelevant.

Netherite Ingot Recipe

To craft netherite armor, you just need to combine diamond armor with a netherite ingot at the smithing table.


netherite armor

Ancient Debris are rare blocks, that you can finde in the nether. You will have to smelt them in the furnace to get netherite scraps. These can be used to craft the netherite ingots.

What is netherite and where to find it?

As one of the strongest materials in the entire game, Netherite is not that easy to find. As the name suggests, you’ll have to descend through a portal into the infernal Nether. Once you’ve fought through Ghast there and not burned to death in a lava lake, you’ll find Ancient Debris in the depths of the Nether. Mine it to get the Netherite, which you can use to strengthen your equipment.

How to get netherite? Fast!

As already mentioned, Netherite is quite rare. But there is a method by which you can collect a lot of Netherite quickly. All you need is your diamond pickaxe and some TNT.

Go to altitude level 15 in the Nether, here the probability of finding Ancient Debris is the highest. There are 1 to 6 Ancient Debris blocks per chunk. Therefore, we want to conduct our search for these blocks at a chunk boundary. This way we have access to two chunks at the same time, doubling the probability of finding Ancient Debris. You can adjust your game options or use a texture pack to see the chunk boundaries.

Simply build a long corridor along the chunk boundary. Then place TNT in this corridor at a distance of 3 blocks. If you now light a TNT block, you will blow up a wide shaft in which you will find some Netherite. If you stumble across gold during your Netherite search, take it with you. We will need it later to make the Netherite ingots.


Netherite Shaft
Tunnel along the chunk boundary vs. blown up shaft

How to make netherite ingot?

Once your bags are filled with enough Ancient Debris, return to your base. There you put the Ancient Debris in the furnace so that you get netherite scraps from it. To craft a Netherite Ingot you need 4 netherite scraps and 4 gold ingots. Combine them at a workbench to make the ingot. In this recipe it is not important how the materials are arranged on the crafting table.

How to make netherite armor?

Netherite equipment can be produced at the Smithing Table. Simply place your corresponding diamond equipment and a Netherite ingot on the table. This will upgrade the diamond equipment to a very strong Netherite equipment.

Netherite Crafting
Follow these steps to turn your ancient debris into awesome netherite tools


Netherite equipment is the strongest equipment in the whole game and with it fighting and farming is child’s play. However, getting this equipment requires long and hard work. With our trick the process should work a little faster, but beware of the dangers of the Nether!

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