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"Finally! A host without monthly costs but high quality, good ping and no lags. It's super easy to start and stop the server and manage it together with friends."
"Love the design, it's super easy to create a server and you can choose your own name for it. The support was great."
~Philipp R.
"Nice host, I use it for my minecraft server. It's cool that you can select server performance with every start, so with more friends just select a bigger size. I would like to see more games, though."
"Best host. Much cheaper than all the monthly rental hosts and the tech specs of the servers are the same, so perfect combination for me."
"Great servers, I have three with different friend groups. The support always helps if we have problems with a plugin. I would like to see more competitions on discord."
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Your Palworld Game Server has all you need.

Powerful Hardware

Your game server offers cutting edge hardware and technical components that are optimized for your gaming experience.

Maximum Flexibility

Free subdomains, locations around the world, powerful control pannel – you are in control. Easy to set up, easy to customize.

Together with friends

Invite your friends to your server and grant them access rights so they can start and stop the server. And they can even pitch in.

Instant Server Setup

No hoster provides servers as fast as we do. Choose your game, choose your server name and you're ready to go.

Intuitive UI & Support

We focus on user experience to make your server setup as smooth as possible. Our support is always happy to assist you.

Savegame Backup

We create auto backups for you free. Even when you're taking a break from your server - we keep your savegame.

DDoS Protection

We work with strong technical partners to ensure unbeatable DDoS Protection and safe storage of your backups.


You can either choose plugins from our large plugin catalog in the app or upload your own custom plugins.

Shape the App

You wish for other games or features? We develop based on your feedback. Get in touch and help shape the future of Pockethost.

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Interestingly, ships in Valheim don’t have anchors. However, they won’t start moving without you either. To anchor your ship, bring it to a stop by paddling. Once the ship has stopped, you can safely disembark. The ship will remain in the same position until you return, ensuring it won’t drift away while you’re exploring or gathering resources on land.

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Create Your Palworld Server

Set up your server in 2 minutes and start playing with your friends.

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