How to save money with Pockethost

Why on-demand servers save you up to 95% server costs

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Source: Pockethost GmbH

What are my benefits?

Awesome news – with Pockethost you only pay when you play! As gamers ourselves we didn’t like paying for a server on a monthly basis even though we only played couple of evenings. So, we created a new on-demand hosting system. With Pockethost you can create your server completely free of charge. Once you start your server you pay an hourly fee. As soon as you stop your server, there’s no more costs. The super easy system that gives you and your friends maximum flexibility and saves up to 95% server costs compared to monthly rental models.

What are token and how do I use them?

Token are one of our in-game digital currency. They can be used to start your server and for more advanced features. The number of token your server needs depends on the selected performance. With every server start, you can easily select the server size depending on your needs. Token can also be used to unlock other features like additional plugin slots or custom plugin uploads.

Pockethost Token