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Minecraft Server Crash

4 Tricks To Keep Your Game Server On Its Toes

Your gaming server is the lifeblood of your online gaming world. No server, no game, right? Now, imagine it’s peak gaming time, your server goes down, and chaos ensues. Doesn’t sound fun, does it? Let’s get you equipped with the top 5 tips to keep your server going strong and avoid that dreaded “game over”.

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Minecraft DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection Guide for Minecraft Servers

You’ve been in this scenario: You’re in the middle of a heated online game and your team is counting on you. Adrenaline is pumping. Then – BOOM – your connection crashes. Your screen freezes, your character stands idle, and you’re left fuming. What happened? You’ve been DDoSed, my friend.

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Minecraft AI

The Power of AI in Minecraft

AI is taking over several areas of our daily life. We have to expect some AI features in Minecraft soon. In this article, we will explore AI’s potential in Minecraft.

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Minecraft Plugins – How to Install Plugins

Plugins can range from simple additions, such as adding new items or blocks, to more complex features like game mechanics, new gameplay modes, or server management tools. They allow players and server administrators to customize and enhance their Minecraft experience beyond the base game’s capabilities.

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Minecraft sniffer

Sniffer – The Ancient Minecraft Mob

The ever-evolving world of Minecraft is known for its continual introduction of new elements and creatures, and the latest addition is no exception. Meet the Sniffer, a sizable, ancient mob that has been brought back to life to add a unique touch to your Minecraft adventures.

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