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About Dune Awakening

In Dune Awakening you will fight your way up from survival to dominance on the deadly planet of Arrakis. A harsh, unforgiving and ever changing planet, where fractions from all over the galaxy fight to obtain the most valuable ressource in the universe: spice. While you explore the vast and epic landscapes of Arrakis you will meet charcter from the movies and books and make them your allies or enemies.

Besides engaging in epic 3rd person combat, you will develope your characters skills and build your shelter into a powerful base. Craft weapons, armor, vehicles and other useful items to support your guild and take political and economical power in the world of Dune.

More about the Dune Universe

Dune is a scinece fiction novel, first published in 1965 by Frank Herbert. The story has become a classic and over the years several more books, movies and games have been created in the Dune universe. The main setting is the desert plante Arrakis.

Deadly sandstorms, vanishingly small amounts of water and gigantic sandworms that swallow up unwary visitors to the desert make the planet not exactly the best vacation destination.

Nevertheless, the planet attracts numerous settlers and representatives of the most powerful factions of the galaxy, as Arrakis is the only planet where Spice can be harvested. This resource gives people psychic abilities. Thus, Spice is essential to navigate spaceships since all computers have been banned after an overpowered AI almost wiped out all of humanity.

And in the middle of this hostile environment and political chaos, you and your friends will try to survive. Good luck 😉

On which platforms can I play Dune Awakening?

Dune awakening will be available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.