Minecraft Classic – Nostalgic, Simple and Free

Minecraft surprises us with every update with a wealth of new blocks, mobs, and features while the basic principle of the game remains the same. We move through a blocky world and shape it freely according to our will, expressing our creativity. This basic principle was already part of the first version of Minecraft, which is now available for free as Minecraft Classic.

Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic - A Piece of Gaming History

For the tenth anniversary of Minecraft, Mojang, the developer behind the video game phenomenon, has launched the website for Minecraft Classic. Here you can easily and for free play the early version of the classic in your browser. Today’s Minecraft players will immediately notice the differences between this version and the current ones.

Minecraft Classic represents the basic version and idea of the game that the developer Notch had back then. Initially, Minecraft was not a survival or action game, but a creative sandbox. Therefore, Minecraft Classic does not have health, armor, tools, or experience points. You also cannot drown or take fall damage.

Creativity is the focus, even though this early version only includes 32 different blocks to choose from. This forces us to be inventive when building new projects, as we do not have the now familiar and numerous decorative objects and block variations to make our new home cozy. Together with the older graphics and occasional bugs, Minecraft veterans will definitely feel nostalgic.

Should you play Minecraft Classic?

Minecraft Classic is definitely worth a visit, whether you have never played the game before or are a Minecraft veteran. The gameplay of Minecraft Classic is characterized by its simplicity and invites you to a short creative adventure. However, Minecraft Classic is certainly not an alternative to the current full versions.

Minecraft Classic can be played online with a maximum of 9 other people, and progress is not saved. If you close your browser, your project will be deleted, and you will spawn in a new world the next time you play. The size of the game world is also restricted to a relatively small island.

So, Minecraft Classic is a great way to get a glimpse into the world of Minecraft, but you will not experience the full potential that Minecraft has developed to this day. If you enjoyed this little adventure, be sure to get the full version and experience with your friends on your server what can be done in the world of Minecraft.

  • Free
  • Fun basic principle
  • Online mode available
  • Progress is not saved
  • Outdated graphics
  • No updates

In Minecraft Classic you can use W, A, S and D to navigate your character. Unfamiliar for players of the current version may be, that you use the right click to switch between building and mining mode. That way with the left click you either place or mine a block.

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