How to find the best server model for your gaming style

Whether Pro or Casual Gamer – there´s perfect options for everyone

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Traditional server hosting

When you think about getting your own server, the first thing that usually comes to mind is renting a server with one of the big server providers and then pay monthly fees for it. This is the most widespread model. However, it does not fit the game style of more than 95% of all gamers! Think about it: You pay for 100% server uptime each month, even though you only play maybe 5-10% of the time. It’s like renting a car for a month only to drive to your friend’s house three times. Also, you have to decide for a set performance of your server, you need to know how much CPU, RAM etc. you need beforehand. That again makes no sense from a gamer’s perspective. You would want to have flexibility and want the server to adapt to YOUR needs not the other way around. Fortunately, there is a way of hosting your server that solves all these problems: the on-demand server model.

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Source: Pockethost

The innovation: On-demand servers

As the name suggests, the server is on-demand, meaning you can log in and start the server whenever you want to. When you are done playing, you stop your server, and your progress is saved for you. The server goes offline until you start your next gaming session. The great thing about this is that you only pay for the time you actually play. If you invite your friends to your server, your friends can also start and stop your server whenever they want. Only the person who started the session pays. This means that you can easily share costs with your friends and thus save even more. Additionally, you can select the server performance with every server start. Meaning if you play with more friends or need more power you just select a bigger server size. You’re in full control of your server – as it should be.

During the time when no one uses your server, the capacity is used for other servers. This is the reason why we can offer our on-demand model so inexpensively. There is no need to worry about losing your progress when you log out. Other than traditional server providers that delete your save games once you stop paying the monthly fee, we keep your save games for you. Your progress is saved continuously and whenever you come back to start your server again, you can start exactly where you left before.

Where 24/7 servers still make sense

Of course, the on-demand model wins for 95% of gamers, but what are the benefits of the 24/7 model for the remaining 5%? Continuous servers make sense if you plan a large project in which not only your friends, but also other players should be involved. For example, if you want to build a community with hundreds of players, then it makes sense that the server runs continuously. That way players can come together at any time and experience the adventures that your server has to offer.

Flexibility is our main goal

What fits your gaming style best, an on-demand server or a 24/7 server? The best thing about Pockethost is that we offer you both and you can decide what is best for you! You can even switch between the two.

With our token model, you only pay when you play. Games like Minecraft: Bedrock start from 0.02$ per hour. Next time you buy a starbucks coffee just think about how many hours of fun you could have in your Minecraft world with those 6$ 😉
This innovative on-demand model fits best if you are a casual gamer who plays a few hours with his friends every other day.

Subscriptions allow you to upgrade to a 24/7 server. Your server will then be available 24/7 for a whole month. Subscriptions are the way to go if your server is supposed to run constantly. This model fits best if you are a pro gamer trying to build your own community or project.

On-demand or 24/7 – It’s your decision!

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