Minecraft sniffer

Sniffer – The Ancient Minecraft Mob

The ever-evolving world of Minecraft is known for its continual introduction of new elements and creatures, and the latest addition is no exception. Meet the Sniffer, a sizable, ancient mob that has been brought back to life to add a unique touch to your Minecraft adventures.

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Minecraft Player

Minecraft Player Interview #1

We want to give you an insight into the Pockethost community and share the great experiences and the fascination for Minecraft with you. To do this, we aked one of our users a few questions. Henry, 19, is a long-time Minecraft player and has already experienced several adventures in his favourite game.

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Ender Dragon Minecraft

Minecraft Ender Dragon

In the vast and imaginative world of Minecraft, players encounter various creatures and challenges that test their skills and creativity. One of the most iconic

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Minecraft WorldEdit 2

Minecraft WorldEdit

World Edit is a powerful Minecraft plugin that allows players to quickly and efficiently modify their Minecraft worlds. With World Edit, players can use commands to make large-scale changes to their terrain, create complex structures, and even copy and paste sections of their world.

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